Log houses

Log houses are world-wide approved to be the most ecological and healthy homes. Wooden housing retains ethnic architecture details of many peoples. Many of us remember warm and cozy grandmother’s village house. At the moment such houses are getting popular not even in villages but in cities too. We were used to simple design log houses but up-to-date technologies allow decorating walls with glass and metal.

Saunas. A sauna is great, a sauna near a lake is even better. It is a temple of good health and communication which helps you get warm in winter and relax in summer. After you get hot enough you can jump to cool water of lake, feel a part of nature and get your youth back. Everybody who has felt the magic of sauna knows what a wonderful feeling it is to come home pleasantly tired but light and feel the cool breathing of every cell.

Summer houses. A summer house is associated with warmth, comfort, coziness, family, peace. It is a place where one can feel comfortable and free, enjoy life without any restrictions, do what his or her heart wants and how it wants to. It is possible to hide in a summer house and enjoy loneliness, read favourite books, simply give into laziness or have a good time with family, friends, those who are dear.